Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The significance of a Christmas trees as one of the centre points and part of the Christmas traditions makes it very important to choose the proper artificial tree for your home.
7.5-Feet Spruce Tree
Full Tree

I would like to help you in finding your perfect family Christmas tree though the tree being artificial and sold at many stores online it can still provide you with challenges in finding the Best Deals on Artificial Christmas Trees to last for many festive seasons to come.


·        No Maintenance
·        Fire risk Minimal
·        Easier to erect and take down
·        Tree can stay erected for longer period
·         Hardly any clean up
·        Non- allergic


The Christmas tree display area is very important before choosing a tree you must first decide if the tree is meant to be the main attraction of the family room, in which room it will be displayed, do you want it showcased as a corner display or is it a second tree for the guest room.

After putting on your Father Christmas thinking cap and you decided upon a suitable place to display your tree, do take note that artificial trees come in one of three widths, which are standard tree shapes called full, trees that fit into tight spaces are often labeled as narrow and slim.
Next would be to determine the base space your tree is going to acquire, keep in mind you would need space to move around the tree for decorations. It is a recommendation to keep at least 12 inches of space between the tree topper and the ceiling to establish the perfect height you will need for your tree.

Considering a tall tree might look stylish, but might not be suitable especially if there are no adults that can reach the trees heights.
Decorating trees with a step ladder to reach the tree topper is sometimes not a good idea after all as a family we would like for the whole family to gather around the Christmas table to enjoy the feast.

A short tree will just be invisible amongst the furniture in a family room. It is, there- for important to consider and get a tree that has a suitable height, also a tree with strong artificial branches that can hold heavy ornaments. A lot of families do have traditions to create their own ornaments and hang it on their Christmas tree another reason to inspect how strong the artificial branches is before purchasing the tree. If you are buying a Christmas tree online, I would suggest you take time to read the specs to avoid disappointment.
Pre-lit Multi-Color Lights 6.5 Feet Artificial Narrow Christmas Tree
Narrow Tree



Artificial trees normally manufactured with two types of branches hinged or hook in.
The one that is easier to assemble is the artificial hinged trees that only consist of a few parts and has branches that are fixed permanently to the centre pole; the hook- in branches are hooked into openings that had been made to fit into the centre pole.
PVC and PE are the two types made of plastic material commonly used for imitation trees.
To fix the PVC needles to the fake tree branches use wire while the fabricated PE tree is manufactured so that the needles and the branches resemble real trees.
 Artificial trees got different prices if you perhaps buy a designer tree obviously you going pay designer money.


Pre lit artificial Christmas trees had been made not only for commercial purposes but for those people who are very busy and do not still have the time to spend carefully placing Christmas lights on trees. In today’s market, you can find several pre-lit Christmas trees and a standard type. These trees a person can easily pass for the real evergreen except for the multi-colored fiber-optic lights that are scattered throughout the limbs and branches of these trees.
Pre-lit trees can actually save you from having to untangle strings of Christmas tree lights every year.
350 Clear Lights 7 1/2' Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree, Hinged

You do find another type of pre-lit artificial Christmas tree made completely of fiber optics and shaped out of strands of wispy light. These brightly lit fiber optic trees also come equipped with pre-recorded Christmas songs, carols and speakers to give the added pleasure of Christmas music. The main advantage of these style of trees are that the lights had been strung on them at the factory all you have to do is follow instructions about how to assemble the tree and plug in different parts for the lights to work. Once you did that correctly, the tree will look decorated professionally. Snow covered branches is another readymade feature that artificial trees have is done with faux snow. Icicle lights are commonly used along rooflines and outdoors but also used as icicle ornaments to decorate artificial trees for additional lighting decorations.      
All these different decorations are to give an appealing, sparkling appearance as the trees also have varying hues of green similar to real Christmas trees.
In conclusion, pre- lit and decorated artificial Christmas trees are an excellent way to brighten your holiday season in your home and enable you to have more time to enjoy the Festive Season.  

                               ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!

The Tradition of Giving Gifts at Christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The real enjoyment of giving during the Christmas Season as a family get-together would be to have started according to belief with the Three Wise Men who brought gifts of incense, myrrh and gold to Bethlehem after the birth of JESUS.

Three Wise Men brought gifts for JESUS
Three Wise Men

The giving of gifts at Christmas 

The giving of gifts at Christmas and all through the holidays is universal today it started in the early part of the 19th century a period after English Protestants prohibited Christmas celebrations.

Christmas regained fame during 1820 to 1840 stores began to advertise Christmas specials and shopping promotions. Clement Clarke Moore wrote the story/poem “T’was the night before Christmas” in 1822. 
This story quickly became the most popular poem all over the world, and children learned in it that Santa Claus brought presents on Christmas Eve, and they began expecting Santa would bring them also gifts.
Children especially would look for gifts in their stockings hung up to dry by the fireplace hence where the Christmas stockings originated.
Today, the tradition of giving and receiving gifts is as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree, mistletoe, candy canes, and Christmas songs.

The marketing  sections  were  additionally  created  by  newspapers  at the same time just for Christmas season shopping ads. These special promotion sections had Santa Claus at the center of these display.
The interest of seeing Santa Claus supplied advertising  idea's for retailers they could bring parents and kids to shops through offers to take a look at an 'actual' or 'live' Santa Claus.
This marketing strategy to entice kids during Christmas was thus to focus on giving Christmas presents to kids many times in the shape of kids toys.

Today toy giving is still purposeful for kids, but grownups are also popular receivers of gifts as kids, after all, Christmas is about giving to others during the festive season, thus one actual tradition of Christmas are being expressed in this way.

Within families, the focus on kids is clear, an individual mature member will not get more presents than an individual kid does.
Presents can take many forms, but during the Christmas season, the joy of giving and preparing attractively wrapped Christmas presents for friends, family, acquaintances and work colleagues.

Young children are especially thrilled and delighted by the holiday and Christmas season, toys are often the present of selection with young children.
Adults are the ones yet, for whom there is a broad choice of items available as Christmas presents.
Many adults will easily do without the enjoyment of receiving gifts by rather giving if it means a little member of the family will likely be completely pleased and delighted with their Christmas gift although grownups also would like to receive presents.
Remembering the sparkle of delight in children's eyes when they get a toy or alternative Christmas present surely supports that Christmas is for kids.
Santa brings presents after all for all the good little boys and girls, not for mothers and fathers or other grownups.  
It used to be very funny, as parents once related how on Christmas Day when their child opened a Christmas gift and was thrilled, they the parents pretended to be somewhat disappointed that Santa Claus did not bring any Christmas present for them. The child responded it is 'because you were a bad Mom and Dad. You made me eat all my green beans.

Toys are therefore an important part of Christmas. Parents go all out for their children they make the extra effort to give children something special such as what the child wishes, desires or longs for.

It may be a toy such as a particular type of Disney Frozen sing along with Elsa doll, a Chad valey 3 storey summer/ winter dollhouse or an item like a Zinc scooter or Real FX Racing car set, or Meccanoid Robot.
Christmas Gift Idea Meccano Meccanoid G 15 KS Robot
Meccanoid Robot

The fun of getting a toy at Christmas begins earlier for children as they start to make their wish list and anticipate getting one or more of what they desire.

For teenagers, the most desired toy may not be a toy in the real sense of the word.

A toy, in today's casual speech, can mean a favorite gadget such as an ultra-stylish cell phone, an iPod, tablet or different types of electronics
Toys have also evolved beyond dolls, cast iron trains and cars to be very interactive and educational.
The popularity of educational toys and the presence of increased technology have combined to produce many toys that are highly computerized.
Receiving a toy as a gift at Christmas can play an important role in creating a lasting memory. When a child gets the toy, he or she wished for is surprised by a wonderful toy - he or she will remember the feeling it brought for a lifetime and recall it whenever there's talk of which Christmas was a favorite. It also helps to create a tradition as the child becomes an adult and wants to recapture a similar feeling by seeking to do the same for his or her own child.

Then, there are the children with a wish list with a hope to get something, any present or a toy at Christmas.

Many companies, businesses, churches, and social organizations arrange to have members donate new and age appropriate toys and do distributed it to children in need.

Putting a smile on the faces of those children will create warm memories about Christmas and Santa Claus for them.

By participating in a charitable effort, the donors are themselves Santa Claus and spreaders of good will and cheer that embody the meaning of Christmas.